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Associated Counseling Services

Clinical services include a broad range of counseling and psychotherapeutic interventions to help clients reach their personal goals.

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"Counselors are people who help their clients learn." Through a professional relationship based on respect, counselor and client engage each other as equals. Individual clients, couples, and families participate in self-exploration and work to gain greater self-understanding.  Personal and family growth is fostered as clients learn new tools and develop skills to manage stress and conflict, improve decision making abilities and implement problem solving strategies to life's challenges.

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Through scientific-based procedures, individuals are able to work on decreasing maladaptive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors which interfere with healthy functioning. Strategies often focus on client recognition of self-defeating thoughts and behavior patterns as well as the development of healthier patterns to replace them.

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Community Education

Clinicians provide community resources and support through various workshops and presentations including but not limited to: Anger Management; Stress Management; Co-dependency; Parenting; Grandparenting; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; and Managing Critical Incidents.

Payment of Services

Clinical services which meet medical necessity are usually covered by health insurance. ACS participates with numerous healthcare companies. We provide complimentary insurance filing, pre-authorization, and care management services when needed.
ACS accepts multiple forms of payment, and clients are responsible for out-of-pocket costs at the time of visit. A 24 hour notice is expected when canceling or rescheduling appointments to avoid a late-notice fee.

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