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Empowering people for growth and success.

Associated Counseling Services was formed in 1991 with a mission to provide outpatient counseling and therapy for clients from adolescent through adulthood. Our mission has always been to assist clients in achieving their optimum level of personal, social, academic, and occupational success. We are trained in working with diverse populations through multiple roles (advocate, change agent, consultant, educator, counselor, therapist and facilitator).
We provide a comfortable and confidential setting conducive to self-exploration and problem solving. Our promise is to provide low profile, high impact clinical and employment services that utilize treatment options supported by scientific research while adding a personal touch.  The personal standards of integrity and ethical guidelines followed by our staff will enhance your counseling experience. In addition, ACS employs strict measures to ensure your confidentiality.
ACS provides clinical services to individuals and families of Southeast Missouri and surrounding areas as well as employment services to the business community. 


Couples & Marriage Therapy

Young Adult Therapy


Family Therapy

Family at a Beach

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Adolescent Therapy

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